“At last – The Old World Way to make Pure Home Made Wine – No Sugar, Additives, Preservatives, Sulfates, Yeast or anything EXCEPT JUICY GRAPES – Guaranteed to be like my Dad made!”-Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and way too many other books to list here

Here's the Secret to Home Wine Making...

"I have enjoyed great health at a great age because every day since I can remember, I have consumed a bottle of wine except when I have not felt well. Then I have consumed two bottles."- Attributed to a Bishop of Seville

Dear Friend,

Ah, wine.

It’s the stuff of romance, adventure, great poetry and fond memories.

It’s also good for your health -- but only if the wine you’re drinking is pure.

And that’s the tricky part.

Store Wine is Dangerous

Most store bought wine is full of sugar, addictives, sulfites, preservatives and other harmful ingredients. Manufactures use it to keep the wine fresh while it sits on a shelf for months to even years. They also use it to make their watered-down wine taste better.

But it’s not necessary.

The old world people – people in ancient Greece and Italy, for example -- drank wine that was nothing but grapes. That’s it. Just grapes.

Wine making the old school way allowed the natural fermentation process to turn grapes into wine. The result was the nectar of the gods. And the lucky people drinking it were healthy and ohhh so happy.

Natural Wine is Pure

My father made wine every year throughout my young life. Actually, I made it with the help of my brothers. My father supervised. We were kids, so you can see it wasn’t hard to do.

We always made 50 gallons, just one barrel full, which was plenty for the family, and to share with special friends. My father did this until 19 years ago, when my mother accused him of drinking too much. She was going through menopause and he was too proud to argue. So he quit making his famous wine.

But I have the recipe for it.

I’ve kept it for more than twenty years.

And I’m releasing it today.

The Secret Recipe

At one point maybe 5 years ago my brothers used our secret recipe to make their own batch of wine. They did it in secret, and made 50 gallons. You can imagine my Dad’s surprise when he was presented with a gallon of the red stuff. (He might have received more than one gallon, but I don’t recall.)

A couple of years ago, when we were in Italy, I visited a group of nuns who raised their own grapes and made their own wine. The one nun responsible for all of it was 80 years old. She grew the grapes, picked them, and turned them into wine – by herself. I sampled the wine, and it was perfect.

When I questioned the nun, I learned she was using the same formula my father did.

Anyone can do this.

Even you.

The Truth About Home Made Wine

It takes a few pieces of equipment – sold on eBay or at local stores – and it takes the right kind of grapes. Use the wrong kind and you’ll have sour to vinegar-like wine. The grapes are the real key in making any wine. Use the right grapes and you don’t need yeast or sugar or anything else. Nothing else.

You also need the right kind of barrel. My father used a special one to help add flavor to the wine. This is a cool secret.

You also need to be patient. Wine making should take 90 days. But my Dad was never patient. He usually tapped the barrel long before the 90 days. But do it too soon and you’ll just have grape juice.

To be totally honest with you, you also need a place to make the wine. My father had a basement in our home in Ohio. It was the perfect place to make a small mess. So don’t think you can make 50 gallons of pure wine in your bedroom.

Not unless you live in the woods.

The Secret Revealed

I’m now offering you my formula for making wine – actually my Dad’s formula, based on what he learned from his parents in old Italy.

This formula reveals everything – from the types of grapes to the right barrel to the exact amount of time to wait.

Now that I’m in my fifties, I’m always looking for ways to get and stay healthy. I lost 80 pounds and exercise every day. I also drink wine, preferably home made. The formula I and my family and old world Italians use can be yours, too. It’s no longer a family secret.

While I could sell this to some big corporation and make plenty of cash, I figured I’d just offer it to people just like me: Those who love wine but hate addictives.

I’m betting that’s you.

So here’s the deal:

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You’ll also get a huge collection of extras, such as resources, links, and other information to help you make this easy. Everything will come as an easy to read PDF file, which any computer can open for you.

Get this information today and you can be making your own wine tomorrow.

All I ask is that you let me taste the wine one day.


Your Guarantee

And yes, your satisfaction is of course guaranteed. Read the report, do the method, and the healthiest wine of all time will be yours.

“Wine rejoices the heart of man and joy is the mother of all virtues.” -- Goethe

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To your health!

Dr. Joe Vitale
President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
Author of way too many books to list here

PS – A “good” bottle of wine in the store will cost you around $20 – but that wine is probably not good for you. It’s got too much sugar usually, and almost certainly contains sulfates or other addictives. You don’t need that in your body. Invest $19 and discover the secret to making pure grapes-only wine that may very well be the fountain of youth in a bottle. Don’t you deserve it? All you have to do is click here.